Is your skin sensitive?

At Simple® we believe that all skin can be sensitive. With everything our skin has to tolerate – the weather, air conditioning, stress, pollution and more, it’s no surprise it sometimes gets a little irritated. When we talk about sensitive skin, we aren’t talking about a skin type; we’re talking about all skin. Because it’s just how skin naturally is. And that’s no bad thing. Our skin is a living organ and it’s designed to tell us when something isn’t right. Blemishes, dryness, tightness, breakouts, redness; these are all signs that your skin is sensitive. At Simple®, we understand how skin works, we appreciate what it goes through every day and are considerate about what skin needs (and what it does not). Because all skin is sensitive, Simple® is designed to be kind.

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Skin is amazing! Did you know it is the largest organ of your body and the only one you can see! Your skin is made up essentially 3 layers. Let’s start with the top layer:
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  1. The Stratum Corneum – or ‘the barrier’ as we call it.
  2. The Epidermis – we like to call this the ‘middle layer'
  3. The Dermis – the ‘bottom layer'

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Have you ever experienced slight red patches on your skin, areas of dryness or blemishes? Maybe even itchy skin, a tingle, tightness or a stinging sensation? These are all signs of skin sensitivity.
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So what causes this? Our skin Barrier should keep things that will irritate your skin out, however for your Barrier to work properly it must contain the right amount of moisture. We expose our skin to many things that can dry our Barrier out or weaken it: air conditioned offices, centrally heated homes, harsh chemicals, cold weather and too much sun are common examples. Another thing that is important to your skin Barrier is its PH level. At the surface of your skin the pH is 5.5; this is slightly acidic. Your Barrier can cope with changes in pH at the surface but regular or big changes in pH will also weaken your skin Barrier.

What causes Sensitivity? Read more

There are many things that can cause sensitive skin. Read on to discover what could be affecting yours; some of them may surprise you!
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1. The environment – outside and in
2. Dirt and pollution
3. Hard water
4. Cleansing
5. Lifestyle
6. Hormones
7. Stress
8. Diet and hydration
9. Ingredients in skincare products
10. Clothes and jewelry
11. Household cleaners

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A lot of women tell us that their skin has got more sensitive as they have gotten older. The good news is that skin generally becomes less sensitive with age, however there is a reason that it can often feel like the opposite
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The rate at which the skin replaces its Barrier slows down as we get older, soskin can take longer to repair.So, when you skin is sensitive, you may notice it for longer. Research suggests that we can be sensitive to different things throughout our lives. For example younger people are more likely to say stress causes skin sensitivity while cold weather affects those of us mid-life. Hot weather and rough fabrics can aggravate older skin. So, no matter what your age, it makes sense to be kind to your skin and avoid upsetting it with harsh ingredients because skin sensitivity can impact all of us, regardless of age.

Skin type, ethnicity and skin sensitivity Read more

Skin sensitivity can affect us all; regardless of skin type and ethnicity. However, what causes sensitivity can vary.
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Caucasian skin tends to have more visible symptoms, such as redness, and it’s more likely to react to climate changes – like wind. Black skin contains less melanin so it’s not as sensitive to UV light, while Asian skin is more likely to react to certain foods, such as spicy foods. All skin is unique and what triggers skin sensitivity for one person may be very different to another, even if we belong to a similar ethnicity.

Our Top Tips for Sensitive Skin Read more

So now you know what can cause sensitive skin, but how can you decrease the sensitivity and improve the look and feel of your skin? With 50 years of knowledge and expertise here are our top tips to help you with your sensitive skin.
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With 50 years of knowledge and expertise here are our top tips to help you with your sensitive skin.

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