The power of water

For instantly hydrated skin

We all know how important water is for our wellbeing. Water is the ultimate source of life, a vital factor in hydrating our skin. But every day we lose it drop by drop. Things like air conditioning, dry weather and sun exposure can leave skin feeling dehydrated and sensitive.

Causes of dehydration


Humidity levels vary regionally and seasonally. When there is low humidity, air lacks moisture which impacts on skin hydration levels.

Hard water

You often see the signs of hard water in the form of lime scale, but cleansing with hard water also leaves traces of these elements on your skin, which can cause it to become dehydrated.

Hard water hotspot map


The effect of the sun and its powerful UV rays can weaken the skin barrier and contribute to skin dehydration.

UV Ray Strength


As the temperature drops, so do skin hydration levels, with cold winds and increased use of heating guilty of drying out skin.

Help protect your skin by following these Simple® tips

In colder months heating can strip the air of moisture, while in the warmer months, air
conditioning can do the same. Keep skin hydrated over night by filling a bowl with water and put it in
your bedroom overnight, so that the air conditioning and heating will dry up the water from the bowl rather than your skin.

Exercise is great for boosting blood circulation and providing skin with a glowing appearance. However, sweating can cause more water loss, ultimately making skin feel dry. Feel the full benefits of a work out by briefly rinsing your face with luke-warm water and immediately moisturizing after exercise.

For moisturizers to work their best, apply them within 3 minutes of stepping out of the bath or shower to lock in the benefits of water.

When travelling by air, don't be tempted to rinse your face with water - it will only evaporate in the dry environment of the plane, leading to further dehydration. Instead, where possible, cleanse before boarding and always follow with a moisturizer.


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